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CLEO.COM.MY SEPT/OCT 2019 6 Lina Esa @leanbeans CLEO.MALAYSIA CLEOMSIA CLEOMSIA WWW.CLEO.COM.MY COVER PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF UNIVERSAL MUSIC MALAYSIA ED’S NOTE PHOTOGRAPHY ARIFAH Editor’s note Alessia Cara, the Ms Know-It- All who’s finding her way T echnology and the digital revolution has given us so much. We live in almost a dream: you get food to your doorstep in a few taps, you can conjure a car and driver almost out of nowhere, and you can send information to all corners of the world in just a second. Good or bad? We wanted to refocus vision 20/20 a little and think about the themes around digitisation. Sure, you can upskill yourself from home after work (page 80), but our reliance on our screens can make us ill, so we suggest ways to take a break (page 62). The (now) is cashless, so we looked at the impacts that has (page 66) and investigate the question of where all the women are in science and technology (hint: the answers aren’t that surprising) (page 54). September also heralds the new fashion season, so expect full-face beauty that confronts (page 9), with some surprisingly wearable looks and bags you should snap up (page 26). #TeamCLEO also spoke exclusively with cover girl Alessia Cara who is so ready to bring her newest single, “Ready”, and speaks about growing through the pain. The soulful Sabrina Claudio also opened up to us about vulnerability during her stop in Malaysia, and Alex Landi is making hearts race on Grey’s Anatomy , as he revealed how he landed his role in a split second. In the age of mixed media (like the work by these amazing Southeast Asian women, page 56), CLEO also looks a little different — we’ve resized and refocused a little as well, working to bring you the digital buzz that’s uniquely us, and made for you. If you haven’t already subscribed to our socials and YouTube channel, we’re just taps away!  “[B]eing vulnerable is important ... to show that I’mnot afraid to get emotional.” —Sabrina Claudio opens up, page 70 Asianwomen producing amazing art, page 56 Want it? Get it! Check out most coveted pieces in our fashion spread