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4 CLEO.COM.MY JUL/AUG 2019 Editor’s note Lina Esa @leanbeans CLEO.MALAYSIA CLEOMSIA CLEOMSIA WWW.CLEO.COM.MY PHOTOGRAPHY IKIE COVER PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF NETFLIX In our interview, Eleven reasons why We. Met. Millie Bobby Brown! S trength can come in many forms. In 2019, we’re way past physical capabilities despite what the #fitstagram expects of you. Being strong is having the grit and fortitude in living in a challenging era. Are we doing enough? Why is everyone hustling? Am I enough? Quell some of these 21st century concerns with the ways to navigate 2019 — let your personal brand do the hard work (page 80), know that “hustle culture” will hurt you (page 77), and take time out of your busy sched to staycay at these top KL hotels we reviewed (page 86). This time of the year we always celebrate the achievements of the CLEO Hot Shots. In this issue, we have 10 women who have also defied expectations and redefined strength. From a bag designer that has worked with huge names in fashion, to a hero that’s advocating sex education in Malaysian communities, to a model breaking typecasts — they’re doing it for the future generations. Meet the CLEO Hot Shots on page 66. Our cover girl is also no stranger to danger. Millie Bobby Brown is the teen star that stole the world’s hearts as the powerful Eleven in Stranger Things . In person, she’s beautiful, articulate and wise beyond her years! We spoke about the hotly anticipated Season 3, her newfound style in the storyline, and what it means to use vulnerability as a superpower (page 62). Take time this month to reflect... Where do your strengths lie?  “I don’t allow discrimination to upset me. Having dealt with it has mademe stronger.” —ImanMohamed, page 68 Meet Azfar Firdaus, Malaysia’smale albinomodel