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12 EDI TOR ’ S NOTE MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE EMMELYN CINDY MAH EDI TOR Every year, millions flock to Milan to take part in the Salone del Mobile, what is lauded to be THE interior design, furnishings, and fittings show to be at. And why not? The show is held in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a history in design that spans generations. A city of artists, dreamers, and designers, Milan has seen the birth and consequent expansion of fashion since long before our generation ever thought to brand it with sleek styles and the unyieldingly bello aesthetics of Italian couture. It comes as little surprise, then, that the furniture design industry has flourished so well from here. Fashion and furniture are intrinsically linked, and how wonderful it’s been thusfar! The world has grown increasingly aware of its limited resources and the importance of sustainability, and designers have followed suit! From the surge of designs that cater to a conscious and ‘green’ lifestyle to innovations that involve taking what you need and no more - see: Philippe Starck’s Smart Wood chairs with Kartell - humanity has rolled into an age of giving back to mother nature. Furnishings are no longer just pretty things to be admired - now, a good piece serves its purpose and visually enhances a space. A perfect piece does all that, and returns to dust without pollution once its time is past. Naturally, other trends abound, and we bring you through them with our story on page 44 ! A little closer to home in our Southeast Asian neighbour the Philippines, Manila FAME serves to show us just how far Filipino design has come. Turn to page 38 to find out what we experienced at the recent show held in April, just two short months ago! In all the buzz of new innovations and designs both far and wide, we also pay homage to a material we absolutely love in design: leather. Our feature on page 54 will show you our favourite picks as well as how to identify the type of leather you’re looking at! And, if you’re planning a dinner party, turn to page 90 for some appetisers from around the world. As always, we’ve got a selection of homes for you all; we hope they’ll inspire you on all your renovations and interior styling endeavours. Have a happy, happy July!