Marie Claire

I n celebration of all the fashionable blessings in the world, we shine a light on our local creatives, Phang Ju Nn and Juan Villanueva. Making appearances at the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Ju Nn introduces her brand on the runway, while Juan strikes again at KLFWwith his artworks. Affectionally addressed as Lady Ju, she is the visionary of Duchess & Co. For her first ever presentation at KLFW, she revamps her collection—aptly named Secret Garden—and injects intricate embroidery designs. Lady Ju aims to remain timeless and regal in her creations. It’s evident that the designs echo that of Elie Saab’s, one of her favourite style icons. In this issue, fashion manifests itself in diverse forms— in Phang Ju Nn’s apparels and Juan Villanueva’s works of art EYE for STYLE JUAN VILLANUEVA An ardent self-taught artist, Juan’s works are tinted in hues of black, white and gold with integrations from the realm of fashion. His signature colours are, to him, what represent the sense of luxury. Shown here is “My People”: a piece that is an homage to his multicultural support system. He believes that human connections should not depend on one’s lineage, and instead, appreciates the beauty in diversity. PHOTOGRAPHY ROBIN YONG ART DIRECTION STEVE CHUA TEXT NAJIHAH RASHID 96 MARIECLAIRE.COM.MY September 2019 Culture