O u t o f O f f i c e : B ecause we’re officially halfway through 2019 and yes, you deserve a break. If you feel like you’ve been pulling a lot of late nights at the office recently, it might be worth turning to p58 to find out if your OT-ing is problematic—both for yourself and your company. I hope that gives you some clarity, and the push you need to set your priorities straight. Now, back to that holiday you were planning. If you’re heading to a beach Time to start planning your next holiday! destination, flip to p32 for the ultimate guide on what to pack. Undecided on where to go? Flip to p64 for a list of festivals happening in Southeast Asia that you can plan your holiday around. Want a more unique experience? We have just the guy for you on p61—his name is Scott, and he runs expeditions to places like Mongolia and Ladakh. We think you’ll like him as much as we do. No matter where you’re going, don’t forget to pack sunscreen! As major beauty junkies, we cannot emphasise this enough—sun damage can wreak havoc on your skin, and it can occur even when you’re sitting indoors all day. Turn to p8 to read more about how you can protect yourself. On that note, I’ll be taking my own advice and heading off on a little adventure to Hanoi and Sapa for a bit. I don’t have any fixed itinerary, so if you’ve been there before and have any recommendations, please slide into my DMs! Sophie Hong Associate Editor @soapshong