Wanna lunch later? 9:40 AM You there? 1:24 PM Hey 10:26 AM ... 3:37 PM I need to know when someone has read my messages. More specifically, I need to know when someone chooses not to reply me. Professionally, it’s helpful to know because then I can gauge when’s an appropriate time to send another chaser message. Personally, I’m slightly neurotic and petty, so I want to know when I’m being snubbed or seen as unimportant, so I can treat the other party likewise. I’m also a classic over-thinker, and over the years, I’ve come up with the following explanations when I get blue-ticked: They’re busy. It happens. They don’t have an answer now and will let me know later. They actually don’t like me that much. They’re trying to cut me out of their lives. They’re d*cks. Like I said, I’m slightly neurotic. And getting someone like me to turn off my read receipts sounds like a recipe for disaster. My brain might explode thinking of the 101 reasons why someone hasn’t replied (or seen) my messages yet. Except… it didn’t. Sophie Hong Associate Editor To off, or not to off? One CLEO staffer shares why she grey-ticks everyone, while another CLEO staffer turns off her read receipts for the very first time. 68