Stock Photo 123rf.com THESE TEABAGS MIGHT MAKE your These 3-in-1 Cleansing Tea Bags ( $ 15 for a pack of 10) from Laneige contain tea leaves and herbs, and have to be soaked, but that’s about all the similarities they share with TWG. After dousing one in room temperature water, rub it between palms and it’ll froth up, thanks to the addition of cleansing powder. Available in Green Tea (hydrates and brightens) and Peppermint (great for oily, congested skin), the wash-off foam is meant to clarify and refresh the complexion, while the sachet doubles as an exfoliator and mask, leaving skin smooth and supple. In short, it’s a blend of novelty and purpose – we’ll drink to that. – SK F- EDIT JAW drop