Home and Decor

60 on a high note Boasting a picturesque view of the city, this apartment does not disappoint with its stylish interiors either. 66 joy of life An overhaul can be more beneficial than buying a new flat altogether. 74 above expectations A home that combines the homeowner’s passion with sentimental reference. 80 suite surprise A maisonette for the Sim family who returned to Singapore after living overseas for over a decade. 88 earn your stripes This homeowner’s fascination with Hong Kong’s Kennedy Town provided the design inspiration. 94 a little bit of luxury A modern home that fulfils storage and fengshui needs, yet still looks stylish. on the cover 66 A creative way to showcase your wine and glass collections. pHoTogrApHy darren chang ArT direcTion nOnIe chen hOmes the new modern j u n e cOntents 74 8