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GOBIG F I T N E S S A routine is a beautiful thing—until it’s just the same 5K run, the same 5K race results, the same ride, the sameway it checks theworkout box. Time to go all- in. Commit to that thing you keep saying “someday” to. Go epic not just for the bragging rights but because scores of studies back upwhat you suspected: Big goals lead to bigger efforts and, when you reach them, greater feelings of self-satisfaction. Plus, you can’t hit a hairy fitness goal without getting in the best shape of your life. Ask Alex Honnold. His 2017 climb up El Capitan without ropes—featured in the recent documentary Free Solo—was basically the ultimate Big Goal (the penalty for onemissed toehold is death). “I’d been thinking about free-soloing El Cap for years and waiting for it to happen, but then I realized it was never going to happen unless I put in thework.” Honnold turned a nebulous desire into an in-focus target—and then got towork. Now it’s your turn. This is your year to go faster, higher, stronger. Today’s top athletes help you get it done. ALEX HONNOLD ON EI CAPITAN. SEE HIS TIPS FOR CLIMBING HIGHER ON THE NEXT PAGE. MENSHE ALTH.COM.SG // JUNE 19 6 2