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MENSHE ALTH.COM.SG // JANUARY 19 ADUMB- BELL ISALL YOUNEED M U S C L E TE X T MARK BARROSO PHOTO(MAIN) MASTERFILE If you want to hone your six pack, you don’t need a whole gym full of equipment. You can use a bunch of gear if you really want to — but you can carve your core pretty well with just one dumbbell. Bodyweight-only moves can be lacking, too. Tons of guys think they’re working their entire core with exercises like hanging leg raises and mountain climbers — but they’re primarily recruiting the muscles in the midline of the abdominals, the rectus abdominis, with that type of workout. They’re missing out on important gains for the external and internal obliques, which are important for lateral bending, trunk rotation, and explosive force production. These 10 moves strike the perfect balance. They only require a single dumbbell, and they directly target all of the muscles of the abdominal wall and lower back. Do these 10 exercises anywhere to build core strength and ensure you’re working every abs muscle from every angle. Training your core only needs one dumbell and a lot of dedication. 5 0