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06 ED’S NOTE 10 ASK MEN’S HEALTH 80 EXTRAS! 40 MEET THE MEN’S HEALTH COVER GUY SYAFIQ HASSAN SHARES WHAT IT TAKES TO GET ON THE MEN’S HEALTH COVER, AND HOW YOU CAN TOO. 50 BUILDYOURBIGGESTMUSCLE Here’s what to do on legs day. 32 IS LASIKREALLYSAFE? Thinking of taking the plunge and losing the glasses? Here’s whether or not the side effects are worth the squeeze. 10 FOAMROLLING: DO ITRIGHT Here’s how to tell if the pain you’re experiencing is what you should be feeling. 66 RUNNINGOUTDOORSVS TREADMILL:WHICH ISBETTER? Here’s the answer to the question all runners wonder about. 2019 Jun O N T H E C O V E R 2 MENSHE ALTH.COM.SG // JUNE 19 IN EVERY ISSUE ON THE COVER COVER GUY SYAFIQ HASSAN PHOTOGRAPHY CHARLES CHUA STYLING SHEH JEANS REPLAY FROM BREAD & BUTTER HAIR KC CHUA USING DAVINES MAKEUP BENO LIM USING NARS ART DIRECTION JASON TAN