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06 ED’S NOTE 10 ASK MEN’S HEALTH 80 EXTRAS! 17 DON’T BEG FOR IT EVERY GUY WANTS MORE SEX. USE A SMARTER WAY TO GET MORE ACTION WITHOUT SOUNDING PATHETIC. 20 DON’T TEARYOURHAIR OUT ATWORK Getting burned out by your job is the last thing you want. Learn how to cope with work stress and not get fried. 62 TRIMMINGTHE FAT AWAY Radio Producer Andre Hoeden was fed up with being out of shape. See how he got inspired to make a change. 40 7HEALTHYPETROL STATIONSNACKS Skipped lunch? Grab these convenient but safe options and fuel up the right way. 58 SWEDISHSTRENGTH CrossFit athlete and personal trainer Daniel de Sanctis shares about what it takes to go from regular gym junkie to an elite-level competitor. 2019 Jan O N T H E C O V E R IN EVERY ISSUE ON THE COVER COVER GUY DANIEL DE SANCTIS PHOTOGRAPHY CHARLES CHUA STYLING SHEH OUTFIT ODLO HAIR AND MAKEUP FIONA LAU ART DIRECTION JASON TAN 2 MENSHE ALTH.COM.SG // JANUARY 19