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06 ED’S NOTE 10 ASK MEN’S HEALTH 80 EXTRAS! 26 REINVENT YOURSELF THE JOB LANDSCAPE HAS CHANGED AND SO HAVE THE METHODS FOR FINDINGWORK. FIND OUT HOW TO NOT GET STUCK IN THE PAST. 50 WHAT’SYOURFITNESSAGE? Are you as old as you are fit? Research finds out how exercise can change the way you age. 35 SUPERFOODSORSUPERPHONY? So many foods are labelled “super”, but there are only some that truly are. 16 6WAYS TOTURNHERON The body is filled with erogenous zones. Discover the sensual hot spots you didn’t know about. 2019 Mar O N T H E C O V E R 0 2 MENSHE ALTH.COM.SG // MARCH 19 IN EVERY ISSUE ON THE COVER COVER GUY CHRIS HEMSWORTH PHOTOGRAPHY STEVEN CHEE STYLING CHARLOTTE STOKES GROOMING SARAH TAMMER 12 EVERYDAYHERO Chris Hemsworth is one of the most highly paid, generously muscled and envied actors in the world, but his humility is what keeps him grounded.