70 2019 June/July 2 | SHAPE JUNE / JULY 2019 Get Summer Ready On The Cover 18 A LIFE TRANSFORMED Cover girl Kelsey Wells tells us how tossing the scale put her on an entirely dierent path. 22 POWER UP Build maximum strength with minimum equipment, by doing this science-based home workout. 30 VULVA MATTERS Here’s what you need to know about yours. 41 THE NEWMOVES Get the latest scoop on sun protection and the most innovative sunscreens. 59 THE ROW REVOLUTION Indoor rowing looks set to become as popular as spinning. Here’s why. 62 DO YOU HAVE THE FIT GENE? Find out how the latest fitness DNA tests can optimise your every move. 68 WHY AM I ALWAYS HUNGRY? Learn what’s going on with your appetite, and how to stay satisfied. 86 SMARTEN UP ABOUT SKINCARE Some beauty products are more worth splurging on than others. 18 46 TOP IT OFF For those bright, sunny days, stay stylish and protected with these cool sun hats. 48 A SUNNY OUTLOOK These statement sunglasses are bound to turn up your style. 50 REV IT UP The hormone-metabolism connection influences calorie burn, muscle building, and even mood. Here’s your maintenance plan.