76 2 | SHAPE DECEMBER 2018/JANUARY 2019 Reboot Your Life 38 LET’S GET GOING 19 resolutions you can actually keep. 42 WELLNESS GETAWAYS Retreats to improve your fitness and health. 46 ZEN OUT New age therapies to bust your stress. 48 REFRESH YOUR WORKOUT New sports bras to move in style. December 2018/ January 2019 On The Cover 16 PROJECT MAKEOVER Find out how radio deejay Charmaine Yee turned her confidence and health around. 30 GOWITH THE FLOW Why you should keep moving during your period. 34 SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY If used correctly, essential oils are potent healing agents. 37 PRESS THE RESET BUTTON Ways to wind down and power up your 2019. 60 SCULPT YOUR BODY Weighted exercises to shape your bum, tum and thighs. 76 GRAINS GALORE Fresh recipes to make them yummier. 84 BRIGHT EYES Get the right spectacles for your face shape. 56