76 March 2019 Shape Your Life 13 TICK TOCK Too busy to squeeze in a 20-minute workout? Do this one thing. 14 FIT ON THE ROAD Check into these wellness-themed hotels for a fit and fun vacation. On The Cover 16 RUN. LIVE. LOVE. Cover girl Carla Dunareanu tells us about her love for running, food, and life. 20 HARDER, FASTER, STRONGER Burn crazy calories during this interval-training workout. 30 BLOWOFF SICK SEASON These new science-backed strategies will help keep you strong and healthy. 44 SUPERWOMEN 2019 These extraordinary fitness pros have dedicated themselves to giving back. 52 MASTER THE WORKOUT JUGGLE Find out how these US-based mummies manage to make working out a priority. 54 NO LIMITS Challenge yourself with these unusual – and grueling – workouts. 62 ELEVATE YOUR SNEAKER GAME Workout shoes that pair well with your everyday getup. 72 THE INSIDE SCOOP Satisfy your ice cream craving without piling on insane calories. 76 TASTE THE WORLD These wholesome veggie dishes come with a global spin, and are incredibly easy to make. 86 THE INVISIBLE SKIN ENHANCER Certain bacteria on and in your body can give you a clearer, healthier complexion. 16 SHAPE MARCH 2019 | 1