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TEXT ELISA CHIA & STEPHANIE YEO SPOTLIGHT Cleanser #goals Cleansing your face thoroughly can be a tedious process, so we’re loving Drunk Elephant’s new Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser with Bamboo Booster (110g). Slather it on dry skin to melt all your makeup, sunscreen and grime, then add water to turn it into a milk that rinses clean. It’s gentle enough to use around the eye, yet strong enough to remove water- resistant formulations. Slaai comes with a 3g Bamboo Booster that you can use once or twice weekly as an exfoliant, too. Buy it at $48 from or at Sephora Ion Orchard. A taste of home If you’re near Great World City, pop by the new Ho Fook Hei Soy Sauce Chicken outlet for comfort food in a casual setting. This new brand by the Joyden Seafood folks serves signature Cantonese dishes, such as its specialty rose wine soy sauce chicken ($19/half or $35/whole), which is brined overnight, then poached in home-aged soya sauce and a special blend of herbs and spices. Other must-haves the YP team likes: the excellent red grouper fish fillet congee ($9.80) and honey-glazed black barbeque pork belly ($13). Find it at #01-141 Great World City. Visit . CALM DOWN, SKIN Got three minutes? That’s all the time you need for these new soothing sheet masks to calm, refresh and hydrate your skin – perfect for busy mums. The masks are an extension of the popular Dr Andrew Weil for Origins Mega- Mushroom range. In each pack, the sheet mask and treatment formula are stored separately. When you’re ready to apply on your face, squeeze the pack to burst a chamber and flood the sheet mask with formula until it is fully absorbed. It retails for $54 for a box of six masks at Origins stores and department stores. READ & TEACH “Can I hit back at a bully?” “Why do people cry when they’re happy?” Author Linda Locke’s son had many questions for her, which inspired her to come up with the Jack Is Curious series. Her books are easy to read for kindergarteners, but she encourages you to read and discuss the topics with your children, as well. Buy them at $9.90 each from https://shop. . 54 young parents