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young parents 1 c ntents MAR + APR 2019 48 HOW TO CHOOSE A PRIMARY SCHOOL WITHOUT RESORTING TO UNOFFICIAL RANKINGS Many Singapore parents still prefer popular elite schools, but there are more important factors you should consider before Primary 1 registration fever hits. Here’s a useful checklist. 52 6 WAYS TO HELP YOUR KID PREP FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL EXAMS With fewer exams in primary school now, you may worry that your kid won’t have enough practice for these big tests. Our experts share top tips for dealing with exam anxiety and other common issues. Promos, contests + events 64 JOIN our What a Cutie contest and win great prizes. 48 The Growing Up Issue 14 IS YOUR PRESCHOOLER ON TRACK? Milestone checklist for Singapore kids – and the red flags you shouldn’t ignore. 20 BEYOND DYSLEXIA Surprising learning difficulties that are more common than you think. 26 SPEECH PROBLEMS: WHEN SHOULD YOU WORRY? We poll the experts on the pressing speech and language issues in toddlers and preschoolers in Singapore. 30 YOUR GUIDE TO BUYING HEALTH INSURANCE FOR KIDS These are the questions you must ask to get the best coverage for your little ones. 36 “MY SON IS NOT DIFFICULT, HE HAS AUTISM” What is it like to raise a child with autism in Singapore? One brave mum shares her inspiring story. On the cover Photography Veronica Tay Art direction Joycelyn Koh Styling Dolphin Yeo Grooming Valerie Yves Model Reyvelle Toh Yun Lei Dress COS Brooches Stylist’s own 52 Small talk 9 A fun magnetic board, trendy shoes and bunny- themed accessories that your kids will adore. Features 40 8 THINGS EVERY SINGAPORE PARENT NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT DIRECT SCHOOL ADMISSION Here’s what you should know about the DSA application and selection processes, preparing your child for the interview, and more. 44 CAN YOU REALLY UN- SPOIL YOUR CHILD? Yes, there are ways to turn things around – without losing your temper. Our experts share strategies you can use in common bratty situations. In every issue 6 EDITOR’S NOTE 8 OUR EXPERTS 56 SPOTLIGHT 58 LISTINGS 10 26