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2 young parents c ntents MAY + JUN 2019 Promos, contests + events 63 SUBSCRIBE to Young Parents and receive a 20 per cent discount. 64 JOIN our What a Cutie contest and win great prizes. In every issue 6 EDITOR’S NOTE 8 OUR EXPERTS 56 SPOTLIGHT 58 LISTINGS 11 The Active Kids Issue 16 BEST INDOOR AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES FOR ENERGETIC KIDS From rock-climbing to water sports, these are the hotspots for active fun. 24 6 WAYS TO KEEP SINGAPORE KIDS HEALTHY Besides plenty of water, here’s what your sporty child needs to keep in tip top shape. 28 BOOST YOUR KID’S BODY AND BRAIN These sports enrichment classes help kids keep fit, achieve important developmental milestones and build positive habits. 36 FARMS IN SINGAPORE THAT YOUR CITY-BRED KIDS WILL ADORE Let your little ones feed a goat, plant padi and harvest veggies at these back-to-nature places. 38 HOW TO MAKE YOUR STAYCAY MORE EDUCATIONAL Staycations are about family bonding, but why not make it a learning journey for your kids, too? On the cover Photography Veronica Tay Art direction Joycelyn Koh Styling Angela Chu Grooming Valerie Yves Hair Eileen Koh using Kelvin Murphy Model Nicolas Vaessen Outfit Kenzo sweatshirt Kenzo and Givenchy pants, both from kids21 Toy Y UNG PARENTS SPHMAGAZINES PTE LTD Y UNG PARENTS MAY / JUN 2019 MAY / JUN 2019 l S$5 lWWW .YOUNGPARENTS.COM.SG Boost your kid’s body and brain Best activities to help your kids grow strong,build character TRUE STORY “My son hadperfect eyesight,but couldn’t read orwrite” How tomake your staycay more educational THEACTIVE KIDS ISSUE CittaBella 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st image<200dpi 04-COVER.indd 2 1/4/19 4:06PM 48 Small talk 11 A family-friendly Monopoly set and cute tropical prints for kids. Features 44 CONFESSIONS OF GUILT- RIDDEN MUMS If you’ve ever beaten yourself up for not being a perfect mum, you’re not alone. 48 REWRITING THE RULES OF FATHERHOOD Celebrity and influencer dads share the ups and downs of fatherhood today. 52 “MY SON HAD PERFECT EYESIGHT, BUT COULDN’T READ OR WRITE” Jarett Tay feel “stupid” for years. Now, he’s a visual artist helping other kids with special needs. 52 36