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2 young parents c ntents JAN + FEB 2019 22 The right start issue 14 BEAT SEPARATION ANXIETY AND OTHER PRESCHOOL PROBLEMS Tackle the most common dilemmas in child care. 18 ULTIMATE PRIMARY 1 & 2 GUIDE Make sure your child is on the right track now that there are no more exams and graded assessments. 22 PICK THE RIGHT CCA Consider these factors when choosing your kid’s co-curricular activity. 26 IS YOUR KID STRESSED ABOUT SCHOOL? Singapore kids are among the most stressed in the world. Help them manage anxiety better. 30 8 BEST BRAIN FOODS FOR SCHOOL KIDS These foods improve Junior’s memory, focus and concentration. 34 WHICH IS BEST FOR YOUR KID IN 2019: ENRICHMENT OR TUITION? Should you invest more in tuition, or will enrichment give better benefits? 38 WHY YOU SHOULDN’T LET PSLE STRESS TAKE OVER YOUR KID’S LIFE Support Junior through this high-stakes exam with these expert tips. On the cover Photography Veronica Tay Art direction Joycelyn Koh Styling Dolphin Yeo Model Rafael Isaiah Nawfal Shahib Sweater & pants Sandro X Muppet show from Sandro. Bag Bathing Ape 26 Small talk 9 A cool colouring mat and fresh new outfits to greet the new year in. Features 42 FIVE YEARS OLD AND TOOTHLESS Weaned on sweet drinks, this boy didn’t drink plain water till he was three. His family shares their traumatising story. 42 52 46 WHAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT HFMD IN PRESCHOOL Kids in childcare are prone this contagious disease, but here’s what you can do to prevent and manage it. 48 SHOULD YOUR KID SKIP A VACCINE SHOT? What to do if your kid is sick before an appointment, or misses a booster dose. Family fun 52 ALL IN ONE These one-pot recipes nourish and satisfy the whole family. Promos, contests + events 57 READ what you missed at the Christmas with Tayo Bus @ Rochester Mall event. 63 SUBSCRIBE to Young Parents and receive a 20 per cent discount. 64 JOIN our What a Cutie contest and win great prizes. In every issue 6 EDITOR’S NOTE 8 OUR EXPERTS 58 LISTINGS